Here are some of the brilliant people I am lucky enough to work with:

Gavin Stride is a dear dear friend and a principle collaborator of my work. He makes wonderful thought provoking shows especially for village halls and is a lover and huge supporter of the crafts industry. He's also big boss man at Farnham Maltings and works tirelessly and seemingly effortlessly at making the world happier, healthier & safer.

Grace Kiely is an extraordinary artist, actor, devisor, singer who can be found, when not touring the world with Moonfish,  making costumes for a Macnas parade, or puppeteering for Branar, at home in Galway playing her beloved double bass.

I've been lucky enough to work with Ed Briggs on three of my shows. He is a sound artist, musician and scientist based in Brighton and creates fascinating experimental sound art like making music from the acoustic responses of bacteria cultures.

A force to be reckoned with on the Scottish music and theatre scene, composer, musician, performer and occasional late night whiskey drinker Michael John McCarthy. He's also an amazing people connector.

Ignacio Agrimbau is a multi-instrumentalist from Argentina based in Southampton who can pretty much play any instrument you give him, especially if it happens to be Iranian or Ghanaian. 

Emma Croman is a rare talent and a wonderful photographer who captures moments without you even realising she's in the room.

On all my shows I've worked with the beautiful Rosie Powell, a bright and shiny button of a filmmaker based in Brighton

Meeting music teacher Paul Sand was a delightful case of the universe providing me just what I needed at the right time. Many's an afternoon spent making music in his shed out the back of his blue Brighton home. An extraordinary musician.