in good hands

"Best of the festival by a clear and well trimmed head" ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ WhazOn Cork, June 2016

Take a seat, would you like a cup of tea, a magazine while you're waiting? Don't worry - you're In Good Hands, a small hair salon on the Ennis Road in Co. Clare where people come for the cut and stay for the chats.  

In Good Hands is an interactive show inspired by the world of hairdressers - of secrets, trust and our human need to share and connect. Taking place in a working hair salon a small audience are invited to their ‘appointment’ at this rural Irish salon where hairdresser Julie (Catherine Ireton) makes them feel very much at home while Lisa (Grace Kiely) is getting her hair done for a big night out. Over the next 60 minutes – the time it takes for a wash, cut and blowdry - the small dramas of the lives of Lisa and others of Ballybracken unfold around us. Through a series of original songs and involving the audience to help us tell the story In Good Hands explores the important things we tell complete strangers given the opportunity. 

We were invited to perform In Good Hands at the Macau City Fringe and Shanghai ACT festival in 2017. Here are some pics from the shows. 

Written and performed by Catherine Ireton & Grace Kiely. Musical direction and sound design by Ed Briggs. Directed by Gavin Stride.

Commissioned by Cork Midsummer Festival and Farnham Maltings. Supported by Arts Council England.