Miltown Malbay to Spanish Point

Starting point: Miltown Malbay I Destination: Spanish Point I Walker: Ed, Artist I Distance: 5km

Grace said last night when she thinks of County Clare she thinks 'no trees' I can see what she means yup. Very little trees round here. fields. yes. walls. yes. ups and downs. cows. bags on our bags. sunshine. cars going  fast. Which is the best side of the road? This side or that side? This side up the hill. That side down the hill. Watch out for the cars. Drivers who give the nod. Drivers who give a wide berth. Me giving the nod. Thanks. Their one finger wave off the steering wheel. Stop now, let these cars pass. take a photo. Cows are very curious aren't they. Let's keep going. Is this the right way do you think? Let's keep going to Spanish Point. Why is it called Spanish Point? Smell of the sea. Scottish memories. Plastic bottles among the stones and seaweed. Hand painted sign and an arrow pointing to an old man sitting in the sunshine, flat cap shading his face, dozing in the sunshine leaning against the stone washed walls. 'Enquiries'

what time is it? think we should get back.

'Stop cath, listen'

'uilleann pipes'

a tiny sound carried on the wind. like a bee. stumbling to greet us. A moment. a tiny distant uilleann piper in his tiny distant caravan, looking out onto the waves playing this tune.

Back we go. what time is your flight? Brisk walk made brisker. One foot in front of the other. narrow road. google maps. We'll never make it. What were we thinking. brisk walk. one foot in front of the other. thumbs up. sign out. no luck. no time.