Lough Avalla Loop

I Starting Point: The Green Road I Finishing Point: back at the start I Walkers: Orla, Diarmuid, Freya, Lindsey, Niamh, Polly, Lucy, Luis, Norma I Distance: 6km I

A circle walk
shaped by a group of ten
with sticks that dot the ground round bends
our scattered souls brought together by hearts shared
and past memory moments banked
we walk
thick hazel thickets flank
our path.
The weight of the world we all carry sometimes
knowing how easily things can fall apart
down through cracks
where do they end up?
The doubts, the loss, the lack.
Or, perhaps,
if we let them,
things might fall easily into place
like karst limestone landscape
where wild orchids grow unexpectedly
at the roots
of gnarled mossy ancient trees
in a fairy fort
two thousand years ago
things fell into place
the seeds blown away
and now the belted galloways
chew the cud
gazing up at mullach mór
tongues lick at the shape
of the squished birthday cake
wrapped in tinfoil
marbled with love
bottle and Cork cheese
smoked salmon carried
to a Clare hilltop
for us, ten ancient kings, a feast,
At our feet below the debris and skree
remind of how things can fall, crash, break so easily.
But how a ring of friends
forms lines of invisible threads
ropes to hoist us up and out
when we fall or trip into the cracks
along the path.
And when the lines appear
on our faces
another year older
and the paces of milestones come and go
may we pass these markers
walking traveling traversing meandering
along the lines
as if we are a babe in arms
our eyes wide full of wonder
at the possibility of all our milestones yet to come

Go raibh maith agat Norma for sharing this pic