Killeen Lough

"and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time." - TS Elliot

Meeting fellow artists is always something I enjoy and thanks to Orla Flanagan at glór I've had the opportunity to meet several Irish artists on this adventure in Clare. Eleanor is a bright button of a woman an actress, a free spirit, a drama therapist, whose meandering conversations jump from poetry to nature to religion to politics to spirtuality in the blink of an eye.  There's no subject off limits and she's as wide open as the sky on today's perfectly symmetrical rounded date 17.7.17. 

She told me of a woman she knew, and how this old woman met her husband in Leitrim and I thought she meant up in County Leitrim but no no no, that's the name of a townland in Co. Clare. County Leitrim? Ah no thats far too far away, Eleanor explained, everyone back then they married where they could walk.

"Its like a Monet painting isn't it? It is.

"There's story of a missing girl, who got lost at age of three. She was never found. She must have drowned.

Now there's a pilgrimage road here that goes all the way from Ennis to a well. You see there, there's where the well would have been. St John. Kileen Lough.

Ill take off my shoes. Ha, Look at them, darting around like tiny blue fishes at our feet, the dragonflies. fireflies. time flies. sun shines. And theres the crescent moon against the crisp blue. Now this here, this was a convent from the last king of munster Donal Mór Ó Brian 1190. 900 years on and the ruins are still standing. Abandoned 700 years later. Crosses with a circle around. It all comes back to the circles. Nádúr. Nature. It all comes back again.