Solvitur Ambulando

“It is solved by walking” so says St. Augustine and I think he might have been onto something.

Yesterday I took myself back to the Lough Avalla Loop to do a bit of solo sauntering and to pin down this project a bit further, as I feel its started to meander! And it really helped to clarify some things.

So now I feel ready (and slightly daunted) to get music making!

So what are the next steps…

5 songs - so far I have two songtitles. I often find it easier to compose when I have the title -

Solvitur Ambulando (latin : it is solved by walking)
Ciúnas gan uaigneas (Irish : quiet without lonliness)

I’ve been listening to music inspired by nature such as this piece and I’m wondering could I compose these songs just with my voice? Create lots of interesting textures vocally with minimal lyrics… ??? I might try it, who knows where it will lead.

Here is my starting point. Better get moving.